Pima Cotton – Feeling Is Believing

While cotton may be known as “the fabric of our lives,” not all cotton is created equal. Just like anything in life, the quality of cotton varies depending on a number of factors including growing conditions, soil quality, and environmental climate. Enter: pima cotton.

pima cotton plant

What is Pima Cotton?

Grown and harvested in the rich, unparalleled nutrient-filled soil of Peru, pima cotton is an extra-long staple cotton, meaning that each fiber measures up to at least one and three-eighths inches in length. The longer the cotton fibers, the softer the product.

Not only does pima cotton offer a level of softness that is unmatched, but it’s also incredibly durable and resistant to pilling. When you receive a product made of this fine cotton, you can feel confident that it will comfortably and beautifully last.

Softer Than A Baby's Bottom

The softness and strength of Peruvian pima cotton provide the perfect combination of benefits when it comes to a baby’s wardrobe; the soft gentle touch to cradle their sensitive skin and the durability to handle any twist, turn, (or spill) that comes their way.

This carefully grown and harvested textile creates high-quality, long-lasting products where softness should never lack including pima cotton sheets, clothing, and pajamas. Why should pima cotton baby clothes be any exception?

Gentle on The Skin, Sensitive to Allergies

This long-staple cotton is known for its hypoallergenic traits, making it a smart and desirable choice for those with extra sensitive skin. What material could be more suited for babies than hypoallergenic fine cotton?

Peruvian pima cotton eliminates any concern of harshness on the skin, while still remaining incredibly absorbent. With the ability to easily draw in moisture, it not only provides a gentle and hypoallergenic feel but also protects the skin from additional irritants.

Delicate Yet Durable

This brilliantly lush fine cotton is truly a textile that undoubtedly provides high-quality products with little care or maintenance required. Perfect for people of all ages, you’ll especially want to wrap your baby up in this reliable, soft, and worry-free material.